We are a company committed to our customers, we are dedicated to meet all real estate transactions from beginning to end, growing in the housing market. We have three offices in Barcelona. The effectiveness and transparency are supported by customers who have entrusted the purchase or sale of their property to us.


Long term rentals.
Property Sales .
Holiday season .
Property management.
Real estate advice.
Maintenance and Repair .


C/Comte Urgell nº113
C/Sepulveda nº80
Paseo San Francisco de Sales 38, 28003, Madrid

Our professional team.

The team is made by bilingual specialists with experience in real estate and property management, to help you find, from a list of properties, the one that better suits your needs and requirements.


Aldwin Klingen: "Our work focuses on solid long-term relationships with owners and customers, buyers and tenants with property consultancy needed to find the property that best meets their needs."



Make a thorough study to each client in order to give the best service. Because for us the most important thing is the customers. Counseling procedures of rental and sale/purchase property. Legal and tax properties advice. We offer the development of rental agreements, earnest money and solidary guarantee.


The marketing department is dedicated to strategically define the function to create the best advertising using various marketing techniques. Our IT department is dedicated to optimize our expansion through the conventional media and online advertising.


It offers property management. Control costs, manage the collection of rent, maintenance. Our goal is to provide a the best service to the customer.

Added value

We believe in long term relationships with the owners. We are different because our advertising is massive and international (France, England, Germany, Netherlands and Russia).

Our job is to bring value to all projects and for this, we carefully select apartments, as well as their tenants.

Guarantee payments and deposits through insurance or DAS avalloguer of Incasol.

We filter the visits in order to avoid unwanted costumers and increase the success rate and efficiency.

If the owner can’t perform administrative tasks, we take care of the entire process.

We have a multilingual team: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German, Arabic.

Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00.

fotopag AREA CASA serves those seeking apartment, to move for work or come to Barcelona with his family to look for apartments.

We specialize in renting apartments in central Barcelona.

Our selection is based on the quality (modern, renovated, new construction) homes. We offer the best selection of apartments in Barcelona.

AREA CASA answers any question generated by the customer, offering friendly service and trying to meet their expectations.
We have extensive knowledge of the areas in Barcelona, especially Eixample, Diagonal Mar, Vila Olímpica, Sarrià, Gràcia, Gothic, Borne, Barceloneta and Fòrum.