Rental Administration


Our rental administration service provides:

- Rental paperwork: payment incidents, purchase and assembly of furniture.

- Breakdowns repair coordination: electrical, carpentry and builders work.

- Property paperwork: intermediary between the tenant and the community, pickup service of owner's mail.

- ''Checking in'' paperwork: inventory, flaws report, change of address of the basic services.

- ''Checking out'' paperwork: inventory check, making sure the basic services have been currently paid, calculation of the deposit reduction, cleaning up the flat.

- Screen the calls and visit requests.

- Checking the solvency of potential new tenants, their working documents, ASNEF’s enquiry and trials.

- Rental agreement: we write the rental agreement, and the deposit if processed on INCASOL.

Optional: default insurance that includes a payment guarantee for 6 to 12 months and also pays for eviction and damages.


Dep. of Administration:
Tel.: (+34) 936 243 806
Dep. of Administration:
Tel.: (+34) 919 916 010