AREA CASA is considered one of the most specialized agencies in the rental real estate area, we have a wide portfolio of clients and tenants.

We are different because our advertising is massive and international (Netherlands, Germany, France, Russia, among other countries)

If you are thinking of renting an apartment, our company is the best choice because it will help you throughout the process by finding and selecting the best tenants besides handling all the necessary paperwork.

We have an exclusive advertising service in our property management department which allows the information about your apartment or property to reach the right tenant. We advertise your offer through internet, newspaper ads and publications. We take care of the financial and administrative management of the entire rental process.

With this service, anyone looking for an apartment in Barcelona will see your flat more than once, in all major advertising channels.

We offer global coverage of the entire process: rent payment control, management of default and all associated administrative tasks.

Our team selects the most suitable owners and tenants and take care of the necessary paperwork: contracts, bonds, formalization of records or deposits, etc. We help you through the process by choosing the best price and contract terms, dealing with incidents, formalizing registrations, deposits of contracts, finance, controlling payment of supplies, maintenance and property taxes, renewing contracts, managing and conserving works and insurance the property.